Important discovery

The first chemical reaction between matter and antimatter producing protonium.

ATHENA publishes the experimental evidence of the first formation of antiprotonic Hydrogen atoms (called protonium) by a chemical process between matter and antimatter.
Protonium was obtained due to the electromagnetic interaction between a molecular hydrogen ion H2+ and antiproton.
A detailed analysis shows that protonium is formed with kinetic energy less than 1 eV, in a quantic level n ≅ 70 e with a mean life of about 1.1 µ s.






formazione del protonio




1949: The protonium of Fermi and Yang, Physical Review Vol.  76  No. 12 (1949).

Gallery of the antihydrogen and protonium production.

Included in the “top physics stories of the 2006″ of the Bulletin of Physics News of the American Physics Society.

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